The software solution for Prediction Markets and Consensus Building

Prediction Markets: Harness collective intelligence

Prediction markets are a time-proven mechanism to utilise the phenomenon of collective intelligence in a well-structured fashion. The (properly) aggregated predictions of many individuals with different perspectives is significantly more reliable than the opinion of a single expert or a conventional survey.

In principle, prediction markets are similar to real stock markets. Possible future events are represented by virtual shares which can then be traded on the market. The current share price indicates then the likelihood of such future event, in the aggregated opinion of all participants: the consensus prediction.

As a game prediction-markets converge to their scientifically proven purpose: the prediction. The gaming-aspect is the requirement for the commitment of the participants resulting in a successful prediction-market project.

Not only is pro:kons R3 a leading prediction market software, more than a decade of practical experience in running, moderating and supervising markets ensure the best possible forecasts for our customers.

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Consensus Building: Process optimization - supporting decision making

The pro:kons consensus building-module accelerates and supports decision making and voting processes in Organisations, Companies and Authorities.

Major pro:kons benefits are:

  • Web based application
  • Defining your own decision making process
  • Support and documentation
  • Customised voting processes
  • Internet based decision making is 24/7 wherever you are
  • No expensive travel and venue costs
  • Perfect transparency and mechanism to benefit the objectivity and decision making quality.

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